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20 Mar 2012 - Pilot Project Helping Disadvantaged Job Seekers in Townsville

Minister for Employment Participation

Senator for Queensland

Pilot project helping disadvantaged job seekers in Townsville

20 March 2012

Townsville Job Services Australia (JSA) provider MAX Employment has been selected to take part in an Australian Government program to establish best practice in service delivery and improve education and employment outcomes for local job seekers.

Minister for Employment Participation Kate Ellis and Queensland Senator Jan McLucas said the JSA Demonstration Pilot in Townsville is targeting job seekers with mental illnesses.

In partnership with Centacare and the Red Cross, Max Employment will deliver structured training and personal development activities as part of an intensive 13 week program designed specifically for job seekers experiencing mental health issues.

"It's vital that we continue to look for fresh approaches to getting people into work," Ms Ellis said.

"Innovative approaches can help job seekers who have significant barriers to employment, such as mental illness, find and keep job. This trial in Townville will be doing just that."

The Australian Government has committed $4.7 million to JSA Demonstration Pilots for high performing JSA providers to strengthen service delivery for job seekers in identified areas of disadvantage.

The Townsville program is one of four pilots in Queensland, each receiving funding of $200,000.

The pilots, in conjunction with a range of measures in the Building Australia's Future Workforce skills and training package, will strengthen employment services across Australia and maximise the employment outcomes for disadvantaged job seekers.

Senator McLucas said that it was encouraging to see so many local organisations working together on this pilot.

"Max Employment, Centacare and Red Cross have a strong record of helping people in the Townsville area," Senator McLucas said.

"This project will help some of our most vulnerable job seekers enjoy the benefits and dignity of work."

For further information on the JSA Demonstration Pilots:


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