Reports have confirmed that the Government has no plan for the future of Australia's education funding, and will leave the states to fight it out for scraps which will remain after the Government's cuts to education.

Every child in every state and territory will be left behind by Malcolm Turnbull's $30 billion cuts to education. Under the Liberals, the deep uncertainty about the future of school funding is already limiting the ability of school systems and principals to start programs and plan to improve education.

The contrast between the Liberals' funding chaos and Labor's positive plan for schools couldn't be clearer. Labor will invest in the education system that our children, and our country, needs for the future. Mr Turnbull and the Liberals will cut it.

Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis, said the Liberals' were locking Australia's children and schools into an uncertain future.

"I've spoken to many principals who are struggling to plan for the future of their schools because of the Government's $30 billion cuts, which will rip an average of $3.2 million out of every school in the country over the next ten years," Ms Ellis said.

"Christopher Pyne twice promised a new school funding system, and now Simon Birmingham has promised one as well. Meanwhile the Government continues to ignore the most comprehensive review of our school system in history.

"The Federal Minister has the power to give our schools certainty - it's time the Government got out of the way, backed Labor's positive plan for schools, and dropped their savage school cuts."

Labor's Your Child. Our Future plan will see an additional investment in our education system of $4.5 billion over school years 2018 and 2019 and a total provision of $37.3 billion for the package over the decade. Labor's plan will drive innovation and opportunity by improving education outcomes for all Australian students.