In Question Time today, that Prime Minister has exposed the depths of his own denial by claiming to have honoured his pre-election promise not to cut education, despite ripping $80 billion from schools and hospitals in his Budget.

Today, Tony Abbott said:

“What we have done in respect of schools and hospitals is exactly what we promised before the election”  (Tony Abbott, 2 December 2014)

Before the election, the Abbott Government promised not to cut education and made a clear commitment to honouring the Gonski school funding agreements:

“No cuts to education” (Tony Abbott, 6 December 2013)

“Kevin Rudd and I are on an absolute unity ticket when it comes to school funding”  (Tony Abbott, 4 August 2013)

“We will honour the agreements that Labor has entered into. We will match the offers that Labor has made. We will make sure that no school is worse off”  (Tony Abbott, 2 August 2013)

“You can vote Liberal or Labor and you’ll get exactly the same about of funding for your school”  (Christopher Pyne, 29 August 2013)

Every one of these promises has been trashed, with Tony Abbott failing to fund the vital fifth and sixth years of the Gonski agreements, and cutting $80 billion from hospitals and schools over the next decade.

With his Budget in chaos and his Government gripped by dysfunction, the least Tony Abbott could do is start telling the truth.

The commitments he made before the election have turned out to be nothing but lies and deliberate deception.

Tony Abbott has only ever pretended to care about Australian schools.

When Tony Abbott lies about breaking his promises on schools, the people he hurts the most are Australian students.

Tony Abbott might have been able to take Australians for fools once, but there is no way he will be able to get away with it again.

The Australian Education Act requires federal school funding to be indexed at a rate of 4.7 per cent a year. In the Budget the Government announced school funding would be linked to CPI from 2018; predicted to be just 2.5 per cent. This is a cut in anyone’s language.