New information – obtained from the Education Department through Senate Estimates – shows 65 eligible schools across Tasmania will never get the opportunity to have a Trade Training Centre because of Tony Abbott’s cuts.


This comes on top of cuts already announced in the Budget, which will see all federal youth unemployment prevention programs close their doors from next year.


“Cutting programs that give young Tasmanians the skills and experience they need to get a job simply can’t be justified – it’s a brake on economic growth,” Kate Ellis, Shadow Minister for Education said.


“All Tasmanian Liberals know these programs work, but they don’t have the guts to stand up to Tony Abbott and demand the cuts be reversed.”


Despite promising no cuts to education before the election, Tony Abbott has cancelled all future Trade Training Centres, cutting $950 million from the successful program; enough to build 650 new centres in schools across the country.


All three federal youth unemployment prevention programs have also been cut – Youth Connections, Partnership Brokers and National Career Advice; services that help young Tasmanians finish school, get work experience and plan their future.


Youth Connections has an 80 per cent success rate, and helps more than 750 Tasmanians each year to complete school and get a job.


With Tasmanian youth unemployment currently at 17.5 per cent, there will be a long-term price to pay for these cuts.


“If we look at welfare dependency, economic growth and even the crime rate, these will all head in the wrong direction as a result of cutting these programs,” Kate Ellis said.


“This really is robbing the next generation of a fair-go at the start of their working lives. Tony Abbott sees education as just a cost, but it is the smartest investment we can make  for the future”


“When Tony Abbott said there would be no cuts to education, it is now clear that this was nothing but a con.”


Kate Ellis said it was not too late for these cuts to be reversed, if Tasmanian Liberal MPs and Senators are prepared to fight for their state. 


“All they need to do is put the interests of Tasmanians ahead of their political mate, Tony Abbott,” Kate Ellis said.


List of schools confirmed by the Education Department as eligible for Trade Training Centre funding, but that will now not get the opportunity because of these cuts.



Flinders Island District High School

Launceston College

Lilydale District School

Northern Support School – Newstead Heights Campus

Northern Support School - St George's Campus

Prospect High School

Queechy High School

Riverside High School

Community Christian Academy

Herrick Presbyterian Covenant School

John Calvin School

Launceston Christian School

Launceston Church Grammar School

Scotch Oakburn College



Burnie High School

Devonport High School

Hellyer College

King Island District High School

Latrobe High School

Parklands High School

Penguin High School

Reece High School

School of Special Education Burnie

School of Special Education Devonport

The Don College

Ulverstone High School

Wynyard High School

Geneva Christian College

Leighland Christian School

North West Christian School

Seabrook Christian School



Claremont College

Cosgrove High School

Elizabeth College

Montrose Bay High School

New Town High School

Ogilvie High School

Taroona High School

Fahan School

Hilliard Christian School

Lambert School

Oakwood School

St Michael's Collegiate School

The Friends School

The Hutchins School



St Aloysius Catholic College

Clarence High School

Geilston Bay High School

Kingston High School

Rokeby High School

Rose Bay High School

Rosny College

Southern Support School

Christian Schools Tasmania

Eastside Lutheran College

Southern Christian College

Tarremah Steiner School



Ashley School

Bothwell District High School

Campbell Town District High School

Cressy District High School

Exeter High School

Sheffield School

Giant Steps Tasmania

Trinity College