Shadow Minister for Education and Early Childhood, Kate Ellis, has demanded the Abbott Government guarantees its preschool funding offer will result in 15 hours of preschool education for all children in the year before they start school.

ABC radio Adelaide reported this morning that Assistant Minister Sussan Ley had made a preschool funding offer to South Australia at the same rate as provided in 2013, but with added conditions that the funding be shared amongst more services.

"I did make one small change and that was to make the funding fairer, that was to say it needed to go equally to preschools and to long daycare centres, because long day care in SA provides 22 per cent of the preschool sector and government preschools provide the rest generally."          Sussan Ley - ABC radio Adelaide - 6 November 2014

“A pre-schooler could work out that if you have the same amount of funding going to more services that equals a cut for existing services.”

 “Tony Abbott’s unfair Budget has already cut $1billion from early childhood programs.”

“Now they are piously telling families that preschool funding will be fairer, when they know perfectly well that states will have to make up the shortfall or cut back the number of hours currently offered.”

“Somebody has to pay and it should not be Australian children.”

“Australian families are sick and tired of being hit with Tony Abbott’s price increases.”

“Tony Abbott needs to show leadership and take responsibility. I call on him to guarantee 15 hours access to preschool for South Australian families, as promised.”