12 June 2014

In New York today, Tony Abbott has been talking up the benefits of schools and employers working together, while at the same time cutting these programs in Australia.

Along with $80 billion in cuts to schools and hospitals, Tony Abbott's Budget also cut the Partnership Brokers program, which has put in place more than 1,800 partnerships between schools and employers to provide work experience, career advice, and links to a job.

"Tony Abbott should take the time to learn what his own Government is doing, and see the impact of his Budget first hand," Shadow Minister for Education Kate Ellis said.

"This is the same Prime Minister who has just cut the Partnership Brokers Program, which was successfully joining industry and schools right here in Australia."

"Tony Abbott is happy to talk about the importance of schools working with employers in New York, while at home he has cut funding to programs that do exactly that."

The Prime Minister's comments have also raised the spectre of corporate schools, high-school debt and paid-for job interviews.

"Australian students should not have to pay their way into a job, or get into debt just so they can go to school."

"These ideas are just an extension of Tony Abbott's extreme university policy, which will lock ordinary Australians out of education."

Before the election, Tony Abbott lied when he promised not to cut education funding.

"The best thing Tony Abbott could do for young Australians is to keep his pre-election promises and reverse his $80 billion cuts to schools and hospitals."