5 June 2014

Senate Estimates has exposed the Government's misleading claim of $1.2 billion in additional school funding as an utter farce.

Despite cutting $30 billion from schools in the Budget, the Government has repeatedly made the absurd claim of $1.2 billion in 'new' money for schools.

  "I can guarantee that we will be spending $1.2 billion more" - Tony Abbott, 3 December, Hansard

The truth is, this money was already going to schools. There is no new money - only a $950 million  cut to all 650 future Trade Training Centres, and a $450 million in cut to Outside School Hours Care.

  Senator O'Neill: "What we've really got is money that moved, rather than new money?"

  Ms Paul, Education Department: "That's right"  - Senate Estimates, 4 June 2014

"This is yet more proof that Tony Abbott simply can't be trusted on schools," Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis said.

"Tony Abbott is trying to rewrite history in a calculated move to deceive Australian parents, students and teachers."

"It doesn't matter how many times Tony Abbott repeats this, it will never be true."

"Tony Abbott lied before the election when he said he was on a unity ticket with Labor on the Gonski reforms, and he continues to lie about school funding."

Instead of honouring his pre-election commitment that there would be 'no cuts to education', Tony Abbott has delivered biggest ever cut to Australian schools.