16 January 2014

The Government's education policy has further descended into a farce today, with Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, backflipping again by appointing a committee to review the national curriculum - only a week after specifically ruling it out.

The Government has been undermined by their own hand-picked reviewers, who have contradicted the Government's assertion last week that just two people were needed for the job.

"Less than a week ago Christopher Pyne said no more than two people were needed for this review but today we see he is trying to hold this shambolic review together by saying the opposite," Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis, said.

"The Government has trashed the bi-partisan approach to an independent curriculum. Now educators look set to endure a review that's more about politics and less about education.

"It's also clear that Christopher Pyne will have personal veto over every appointment that's made - he has done away with even paying lip service to the so-called independence of this review.

"No wonder the experts are angry - this review does not make any sense. Tony Abbott should be investing in schools, rather than wasting teachers' time."

The new national curriculum only starts this year. It was independently determined by experts - not politicians - and it took five years to get it right.

"This is a calculated and cynical distraction from Tony Abbott's broken promises and massive cuts," Kate Ellis said.

"With just two weeks until school goes back, many principals still have no idea how much money their school will get this year."

"It's time this government got back to basics and honoured their election commitment to match Labor's school funding dollar-for-dollar - so every child can actually get the individual attention they need."