Reports today indicate the Abbott Government’s cuts to the ABC will mean TV production in South Australia will completely shut down.

This devastating news comes off the back of reports of 150 job losses in South Australia as a result of the Government’s Budget cuts.

“It is once again South Australian workers feeling the sting of yet another Tony Abbott broken promise, after he told voters on the eve of the Election that there would be no cuts to the ABC,” Federal Member for Adelaide, Kate Ellis, said.

“The Abbott Government is saying it will be business as usual despite these massive cuts, but the ABC workers in South Australia, and the TV production unit here certainly won’t see it that way.”

“This Government seems intent in kicking South Australia while it’s down – first with Holden, then with the future submarines, and now with ABC – and that’s without even considering the future job losses in the health and education sectors as a result of Budget cuts.”

“Where are all the SA Government Ministers standing up for our State? Or for brilliant shows like ANZAC Girls, filmed and produced in SA?”

“If Malcolm Turnbull wants to justify these cuts, then he can come to Adelaide and speak to these workers and tell them why his Prime Minister lied to them and gave them the false assurance that their jobs were safe.”

“The reduction of capacity for news and current affairs to be generated from South Australia will mean our State’s voice will be lost amongst the loud chatter of the larger, Eastern States.”

“It is crucial the ABC has the funding it needs to deliver high quality news for all of Australia.”