Every child in the ACT will have a better education with Labor's Your Child. Our Future plan for Australia's schools announced by Bill Shorten.

Critically, Labor will fund the final years of the existing school funding agreements and reverse the Government's cuts to education, meaning ACT students would benefit from an extra $30 million in targeted Federal investment in the 2018-19 school years.

Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis, said that ACT students deserve an education system which gives them the individual support they need to reach their full potential, and only Labor had a plan to do this.

"With Labor's Your Child. Our Future needs-based funding plan, ACT students will be given better targeted resources, better trained teachers, and more of the one-on-one support we know makes a real difference to learning outcomes.

"Your Child. Our Future puts evidence and transparency at the heart of school funding, meaning that parents can have confidence that school funding is actually making a difference to student results.
"This won't be a blank cheque - Federal Labor expects that the ACT Government honour their funding obligations in accordance with existing agreements.
Kate Ellis also called on the Canberra Liberals to do the right thing and stand up for ACT schools.

"It's time the Canberra Liberals grew a backbone, put ACT students before their federal political mates and demanded Malcolm Turnbull reverse his school cuts.

"Malcolm Turnbull's cuts are the equivalent of sacking one in seven teachers - they will lock in inequality and an uncertain future for every ACT school.

"If ACT students are to have the skills they need for the future economy, they need investment, not cuts. Only Labor has a plan for the future of ACT schools, including the $30 million investment over two years announced today."

Ensuring Australia's workforce is ready for the jobs of the future begins in schools - Your Child. Our Future will build the education system our children, and our nation, need.