New analysis, published by Family Day Care Australia, reveals that all 133 family day care services in Western Sydney are set to lose funding, leaving tens of thousands of families facing big fee hikes or service closures.

The Government’s $157 million Family Day Care cut means 80 per cent of services will face funding cuts from next year.

Kate Ellis today visited Aussom Family Day Care in Newington – one of the Western Sydney services set to lose funding – to hear first-hand about the impact of these cuts.

“Tony Abbott promised to make child care more flexible and more affordable, but in reality he is doing the opposite,” said Kate Ellis, Shadow Minister for Early Childhood.

“Family Day Care services will be forced to increase fees or cut services at a time when many families are struggling to make ends meet, or find flexible child care that fits parent’s work patterns.”

These new figures show this cut will overwhelmingly hit disadvantaged areas in Western Sydney – coming on top of NATSEM modelling, released last week, confirming that low and middle income households in Western Sydney are the hardest hit by Tony Abbott’s Budget.

“Families are already feeling the impact of this Government’s $1 billion in cuts to child care, and are grappling with rising unemployment and increasing household costs,” Kate Ellis said.

Family Day Care Australia estimates that fees will rise by around $35 a week as a result of this funding cut. 

“This Government promised no surprises, but when it comes to child care, all it has done is cut funding, hike up fees and increase waiting lists,” Kate Ellis said.

“Those who can least afford it are being hurt the most by Tony Abbott’s unfair Budget.”

ATTACHED – Map of the 133 Family Day Care services in Western Sydney that are set to lose funding, also available at: