Labor will always welcome positive reforms to improve the affordability, quality and accessibility of child care and believes a bipartisan approach must start with an end to the unprecedented cuts to child care assistance.

Since coming to Government the Coalition have cut over $1 billion from federal child care programs and currently have legislation before the parliament to reduce the Child Care Benefit that thousands of families rely upon.

A bipartisan approach is only possible when people can be trusted on their word and as late as today the Government refused to rule out breaking more of their promises to families on child care.

“It’s time that the Government’s actions started matching their words and that they stopped making cuts to the child care support Australian families rely on every day,” Shadow Minister for Education Kate Ellis said today.

“I have made it clear I am open to engaging with the Government – however I will continue to tell them that their $1 billion in cuts to child care are hurting Australian families and will push up costs.

If they want a bipartisan approach, this is where they need to start.

Labor made a submission to the Productivity Commission’s Child Care Inquiry over 12 months ago, demonstrating the Opposition has already engaged in consultation on the Government’s proposed changes to child care.

“A genuine consultative approach would start with the immediate release of the Productivity Commission’s report which the Government has kept secret since October and must form the basis for any informed debate. Scott Morrison can’t expect people to come to the table if he is holding all of the cards.

“If Scott Morrison wants to make a difference in child care, he needs to stop the cuts, release the Productivity Commission report and end the deception and broken promises from a Government with a history of saying one thing and doing another.”