14 July 2014

In just two weeks, the Australian community have come out in force to demand the Parliament reject the Abbott Government's legislation to cut the means-tested Child Care Benefit with over 17,000 people signing Labor's petition against the cut.

The campaign against the unprecedented Child Care Benefit cuts, launched by Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten just two weeks ago, has received an overwhelming response.

Australians are angry about being betrayed by Tony Abbott and his unfair Budget, and rightly worried about how they will make ends meet.

"This shows just how worried families are about seeing their child care support cut," Shadow Minister for Early Childhood, Kate Ellis, said.

The Education Department has admitted 500,000 low and middle-income families will be worse off if the Government's cut gets through the Parliament, including those on as little as $42,000.

"This cut will hit half a million low and middle-income families who are already struggling to make ends meet," Kate Ellis said.

"This payment goes directly to parents who would otherwise be forced to leave the workforce - it's bad for these parents and bad for the economy."

"Before the election, Tony Abbott said he would make child care more affordable, but he has already announced over $1 billion in cuts. The community is rightly angry."

"All we've seen from the Abbott Government when it comes to child care is lies, backflips and cuts."

Kate Ellis said the Abbott Government could not justify cutting this practical child care assistance for low and middle-income families, at the same time as giving millionaires $50,000 cheques through its gold plated Paid Parental Leave scheme.

Labor hopes the response from the community will help convince the crossbench Senators, not to support Tony Abbott's Child Care Benefit cuts.

"It's a fantastic response, but the more people who sign up to fight these cuts, the stronger message we can send to the Senate to block the legislation," Kate Ellis said.

The legislation is scheduled for debate in the House of Representatives tomorrow.
To take a stand against Tony Abbott's Child Care Benefit cuts, sign the petition here: