There’s no other way to put it – Mike Baird has sold out New South Wales students to give a helping hand to his Liberal mate, Malcolm Turnbull.

New reports have confirmed that the NSW Premier has proposed a package of hush-money to buy his complacency on the Government’s cuts to health and education.


This is a disgraceful backflip from the NSW Government, after their repeated statements that they supported the Gonski reforms and would fight against the savage cuts:


The NSW Government has a “binding agreement”, “NSW expects the Commonwealth to fulfill its obligations under this agreement.” [ADRIAN PICCOLI, SMH, 25 NOVEMBER 2013]


Federal cuts to schools and hospitals are "a kick in the guts to the people of NSW". [MIKE BAIRD, SMH, 14 MAY 2014]

“Not only is this a breach of a commitment to NSW, it is a breach of faith with all school students in the state… Schools in regional areas, as well as disadvantaged and Aboriginal students, will be the hardest hit.” [ADRIAN PICCOLI, MEDIA RELEASE, 14 JUNE 2014]


“The NSW government remains committed to funding its share of the six-year Gonski agreement and continues to advocate for the federal government to honour the agreement in full.”  [ADRIAN PICCOLI – PRESS CONFERENCE, VILLAWOOD PRIMARY SCHOOL – 28 MAY 2015]


Now the Baird Government has lost its backbone and sold out the state in a dirty political deal.


Properly funding the Gonski reforms requires just that – proper funding.


Two prime ministers, two Federal education ministers and the Government’s education policy comes down to this – last minute deals to buy silence from the states.


Australian students deserve better than this chaos.


Only Labor has a costed and fully-funded plan for the future of Australia’s schools.