Another warning has been sounded today about the real impact of the Liberals' child care changes, which are set to push many Indigenous children out of early education. 

The Government plans to shut down the Budget Based Funded program and end direct funding for 300 Indigenous early education services. This comes on top of cuts to 38 Indigenous Child and Family Centres.

"These new rules will mean many services simply wont be viable and will have to close. Others will be forced to charge fees for the first time," Shadow Minister for Early Childhood, Kate Ellis, said.

"In many communities, the only available service is now at risk and early education experts have sounded the alarm about the damage this will do.

"What I think we'll see with these proposals are more children missing out, rather than more children engaging"
(Leanne Gibbs, Community Child Care Co-operative, 29 December 2015)

"There's a lot of danger and our most vulnerable families will be the most impacted under this new model of funding"
(Stacey Brown, Yappera Children's Service, 29 December 2015)

"In every state, Indigenous children have a below-average participation rate in early education. If we are going to close the gap we need more support and more places, not new rules that push children out.

"These centres don't just provide early education - many are community hubs that deliver parenting support, health services and toy libraries.

"After a Productivity Commission review, more than two years and three ministers, it is clear the Liberals still don't understand how the child care system works. It is just a fantasy to think that small and remote Indigenous services will be viable without additional support.

"From the outset, Labor has been crystal clear: we cannot support changes that will leave the most vulnerable children worse off.