25 February 2014 The Abbott Government has broken another promise to thousands of dedicated childcare workers with their decision to try and block workers from receiving a wages boost. Today's Australian reports the Abbott Government is actively fighting against the equal pay case in front of the Fair Work Commission to boost childcare workers' wages.

After repeatedly stating that a case in Fair Work Australia is the appropriate place to a grant a much-needed child care wage increase, the Government is now in fact arguing against this case. When the Government was cutting grants that would increase workers' wages, they repeatedly insisted Fair Work Australia should be the ones to grant an increase: "Let's let the Fair Work Commission do its work and come up with a sustainable increase for everybody." - Sussan Ley - Interview with Luke Grant on 2GB- 27 December 2013 "So we have got, finally, United Voice taking this to the Fair Work Commission, where they are able to secure a lasting, permanent wage increase. That takes care of that." - Sussan Ley - Press Conference - 10 December 2013 "This is an outrageous breach of trust and a cruel betrayal of our low paid and undervalued childcare educators," Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Kate Ellis said. "The Abbott Government said to educators time and time again, if you want a pay rise, take it to the Fair Work Commission. "But educators never expected their own government would speak out against them getting the wage they deserve. "This is nothing but a cruel deception and a tricky political game and the cost is borne on low paid workers. "The Assistant Minister is left with many questions to answer: will she apologise to the thousands of workers she has misled? "Is she inconsistent, incompetent or just untrustworthy? "Will the Prime Minister step in and assure workers that their own Government won't oppose the wage case? "If the Prime Minister continues to fight against childcare workers getting higher wages, it will be another broken promise from this government."