Instead of investing in local jobs and skills, Malcolm Turnbull’s unfair Budget has cut funding to TAFE, vocational education and apprenticeships yet again.

This Budget will cut over $600 million more from TAFE and vocational education over the next four years, compared to current arrangements.


This comes on top of almost $3 billion in existing cuts to TAFE, skills and training, and a loss of over 130,000 apprentices since 2013.


“This Budget does absolutely nothing for TAFE and it cuts skills and apprenticeships yet again,” Shadow Minister for TAFE and Vocational Education Kate Ellis said.


“After all his promises at the last election, Malcolm Turnbull still has no plan for local jobs.”


“This Government’s cut to skill and trades funding, while giving tax cuts to big business and multinationals, is a disgrace,” Shadow Minister for Skills and Apprenticeships Doug Cameron said.


“This will have long term negative impacts on productivity, international competitiveness and skill acquisition, while perpetuating Australian industry’s reliance on temporary overseas workers and skilled migrants.


“Malcolm Turnbull’s failure to support skills and apprenticeships is a failure of leaderships and a failure on jobs.”