5 March 2014

Following the annual update of the MySchool website today, Tony Abbott must rule out any changes that could be used to hide the Government's broken promises on education, or cover up cuts.

Christopher Pyne confirmed this morning that he plans to review the MySchool website, meaning that today's update could be the last time parents can get accurate and transparent information about government funding for their child's school.

The MySchool website clearly shows the year-on-year funding contributions of state and federal governments on an individual school and student level.

"At the end of the day, the MySchool website is where the Abbott Government cuts to school funding will show up, so it's no wonder they want to review it," Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis said.

Before the election, Tony Abbott said he was on an "absolute unity ticket" with Labor on school funding. But the Government has broken that promise to Australian parents, teachers and students and has let states off the hook by walking away from the enforcement of signed school funding agreements, and its promise to match the offers Labor made to the states.

"Tony Abbott's broken promises and no-strings-attached deals mean the Abbott Government is only putting forward $2.8 billion - not the $14.65 billion that would have benefited schools under Labor - and even this can be ripped out the back door through state cuts," Kate Ellis said.

"Tony Abbott needs to immediately rule out any changes to the MySchool website that would make it harder for parents to get the information they need about school funding and performance, and easier for the Abbott Government to hide their broken promises."