Families have been short-changed yet again after Malcolm Turnbull discarded his own child care changes until 2018, and offered no relief to parents.

This Budget is just another insult to families.


After promising the world before the election, the Government will go an entire term without doing a single thing to assist with access to affordable child care. They will now go to election promising not to deliver relief for another two years.


At the same time, they have confirmed the only way they will invest any money in vital early education is if they can strip it from family pockets.


Families deserve better – early education and care is too important for parents and too important for children to be given this chaotic and embarrassing treatment.


The Budget also provides absolutely no funding for preschool after next year – leaving vital early education in limbo yet again.


Instead, the only thing this Budget does is throw more money at their disastrous nanny scheme, which has already proved to be a massive failure for families.


This is conclusive proof that the Liberals only ever wanted child care changes to help their own political fortunes, rather than to help Australian families.


While Labor is focused on putting people first, this Budget shows that families simply aren’t a priority for Mr Turnbull.