The Turnbull Government’s complete mismanagement of the vocational education sector won’t be fixed by bandaid solutions – proper reform is necessary to fix their mess.

If Malcolm Turnbull was serious about fixing the system, he would announce a full independent review of the sector and stop giving dodgy providers a leave pass.


The vocational education sector has seen nothing but chaos, mismanagement and a revolving door of five Ministers under the Liberals.


The Liberals’ mismanagement of the of the VET FEE-HELP loans scheme has seen a massive blow out under their watch - from $699 million in 2013 to $1.7 billion in 2014 and to $3 billion in 2015.  


Shadow Minister for TAFE and Vocational Education Kate Ellis said that this Government’s approach to the sector had been farcical.


“This Government’s mismanagement has undermined confidence in the vocational education sector, leaving students vulnerable to shonky operators happy to rort the system at the expense of the taxpayer,” Ms Ellis said.


“Labor has been fighting for the Government to protect the reputation of Australian vocational education and training, and we have led the way in proposing strong measures to restore integrity to the sector.


“Labor has proposed an $8,000 per student cap on loans, with exemptions for legitimate high cost courses, to stop students and taxpayers being saddled with massive debts so shonky providers can make a profit.


“We also proposed the establishment of a VET ombudsman, and will continue to fight for a full review of the vocational education and training system, to ensure systemic problems in the sector are exposed and fixed.


“Problems in the sector have exploded because this Government couldn’t get its act together – they have let shonky providers off the hook for too long and students and taxpayers are paying a massive price.”