The Government’s plan to link family payment cuts to child care changes has faced new condemnation, with sector experts slamming the proposal at yesterday’s Senate committee hearing.

The criticisms came thick and fast as the Government’s Omnibus Bill was discussed yesterday:


“You are creating vulnerabilities for vulnerable people.”
[Peter Lewis, National Voice for our Children, March 9 2017]


“[This is] an absolutely incoherent policy package.”
[Marie Coleman, National Foundation for Australian Women, March 9 2017]


“We just don’t believe that it is necessary to predicate investment in early childhood education through savings in other areas.”
[Samantha Page, CEO Early Childhood Australia, March 9 2017]


“…something that is so needed by communities and families, gets cynically tied to savings measures that the Government has failed to get the community support for.”
[Helen Gibbons, Assistant National Secretary, United Voice, March 9 2017]


The Government needs to drop this ridiculous link between family payment cuts and child care changes now. It is clear they do not have public support.

Australian parents are crying out for child care relief and they deserve much better than this.