Despite today highlighting the number of families hitting the Child Care Rebate cap, the Government is still holding additional investment ransom to unfair cuts.

The truth is the Government neglected to mention it was their own bill in 2014 that continued the $7500 Child Care Rebate cap they are complaining about today.


They also failed to mention their child care changes will do nothing to help parents hitting the cap this financial year or next.


“This is another cynical display of hypocrisy from a Government more interested in pitting Australians against each other than it is in doing anything about child care costs,” Shadow Minister for Early Education and Development Kate Ellis said.


“This ongoing freeze is their own doing. Under the proposed changes, parents won’t see any relief for another 18 months because Malcolm Turnbull delayed his changes in last year’s budget.”


“If the Government was genuinely concerned about the cost of child care, they’d fix the flaws in their package and drop the cuts to families, pensioners and the 70,000 new mothers who would be worse off under these changes.”


Labor has always wanted to work with the Government to fix their child care changes and deliver relief to families without making pensioners, people with disability and new mum worse off.