NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli's attack on Malcolm Turnbull's schools plan exposes the absolute lunacy of the Government's approach to schools - even his Liberal/National colleagues are condemning it and calling out Mr Turnbull's attempts to justify his plan to walk away from public schools.

Adrian Piccoli said last night:


"I'd remind my colleagues in Canberra that prior to the last election they said they were on a unity ticket with respect to school funding, and made other statements about the support of the school funding arrangement that had been entered by the states. So if it's a fantasy now, it must have been a fantasy back then. It wasn't a fantasy back then, and it's not a fantasy now: that those dollars are going to make a substantial difference to the lives of children, not just in public schools, but in Catholic and Independent schools as well."


"Budgets are choices that governments make. They are moral documents... Because we made that moral decision that it is absolutely critical to invest in education. These are always questions of choice for governments."



Adrian Piccoli is right - the agreements were fully funded and laid out for all to see at the last election:





"The Liberals' hypocrisy knows no bounds - at the last election they said they were on a "unity ticket", and now they are trashing the Gonski agreements in a desperate attempt to hide their school cuts," said Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis.

"Even Mr Turnbull's Liberal National colleagues are compelled to speak out against his lies - because they know the damage that will be done by the Government's $30 billion cut to education.


"Australian parents and educators know that this is the latest desperate attempt from the Government to distract from their school cuts and pass the buck.


"The Gonski reforms clearly set out funding responsibilities and make sure that the Federal Government and the states and territories are all on the same page when it comes education.


"Labor has made tough decisions to ensure we properly fund schools - finishing the Gonski reforms on-time and in-full, and reversing the Government's cuts. Labor knows we have a moral responsibility to prepare our students for the future.


"Mr Turnbull hasn't made education a priority. He has chosen to leave Australian students behind. He needs to stop passing the buck - he isn't fooling anyone."