Federal Labor will invest an additional $115 million in schools in the Northern Territory in the 2018/19 school years, and will put a stop to the CLP cuts which are ripping much-needed funding out of our schools.

New analysis of NT Budget papers has today revealed that the CLP has diverted $140 million from schools in the Northern Territory, with the Turnbull Government turning a blind eye to the cuts.


As a result, the Northern Territory is the only state or territory in the country where per student funding is going backwards in Government schools.


“Students in the Northern Territory deserve – and need – so much more than the cuts and neglect they have been dealt under the Giles and Turnbull Governments,” Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis said today.


“Territorians have every right to be outraged by yet another CLP cut to schools, and Malcolm Turnbull needs to explain why he hasn’t stood up as funding is ripped out under his watch.


“Federal Labor will invest an additional $115 million in Territory schools and hold the CLP accountable. Local students need investment and support if they are going to get good jobs and compete with bigger states.”


Research has shown that there are particular challenges which schools in the Territory face – with NT students up to two and a half years behind other states.


“The additional $115 million for the Northern Territory will mean more support for students, early intervention programs in schools, additional literacy and numeracy programs, and teachers having the tools to know exactly how students are tracking in their achievement,” said Labor Candidate for Solomon, Luke Gosling.


“Only Labor has a plan to improve our schools and ensure that students are leaving school with the skills they need. This latest CLP cut is just more salt into the wound of Adam Giles’ appalling record on school funding, and enough is enough.”