Every student in every school in the electorate of Jagajaga will be better supported in their learning with Labor's Your Child. Our Future plan for Australian schools.

Labor will invest $24 million more than the Turnbull Government in 2018 and 2019 alone - critical investment that will go towards more resources for students and more support for teachers.

Importantly, Labor's plan will finish the existing six-year school funding agreements and finish the Gonski reforms in-full, specifically designed to bridge gaps in student achievement and support additional student needs.

In contrast, Malcolm Turnbull will dump the school agreements and rip $29 billion out of Australia's schools over the next ten years - cuts which will impact every school in Jagajaga.

Member for Jagajaga Jenny Macklin was joined by Shadow Minister for Education Kate Ellis to visit Eltham Primary School and see first-hand what is on stake at the next election.

"An investment in local schools is an investment in the future of our children," said Member for Jagajaga Jenny Macklin.

"Our hard working educators are already using needs-based funding to make a difference in local schools like Eltham Primary - needs-based funding means more individual support and more funding for special needs."

Shadow Minister for Education Kate Ellis said that only Labor could be trusted to protect Jagajaga's schools.

Labor has made education a priority because we know that Australian students deserve better than Malcolm Turnbull's cuts. I'm proud to visit Jagajaga and say that Labor will put an additional $24 million into local schools and local students."