Labor’s Your Child Our Future schools funding package will increase investment in students with disability, ensuring children with disability – like every Australian child – can get the quality education they deserve.

Labor will more than reverse the Turnbull Government’s cuts to the More Support for Students with Disability  program – investing a further $320 million in children with disability.

The Government’s own Education Department admits the program had a positive impact on students with disability before it was cut:

“An independent evaluation found the MSSD initiative achieved its objective to stimulate new strategies to build the skills of teachers and increase school capacity to better meet the educational needs of students with disability and/or learning difficulties… it appears that most, if not all, schools have felt the impact of the MSSD initiative on inclusive teaching skills and large numbers of teachers and school leaders have received professional development and support.”

Despite this, Malcolm Turnbull continues to put his head in the sand about investing in students with disability.

Students with disability, their parents and teachers have waited long enough for proper schooling support. Under Labor, the wait will finally be over.  

Labor’s new needs-based funding model will deliver additional per-student funding for students with disability, ensuring that they receive the additional resources and support they need to achieve their potential.

Before the last election the Liberals promised an ‘absolute unity ticket’ on school funding, but instead they dumped the Gonski reforms and cut $30 billion from our classrooms, and cut the $100 million a year More Support for Students with Disabilities program.

The Liberals promised to fully fund the needs of students with disability in line with the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on School Students with Disability, but instead they will go a whole term of government without doing anything at all, leaving tens of thousands of students missing out on the support they need.

Every Australian child deserves a great education, and that includes every child with disability.

Completing the Gonski reforms on time and in full and reversing the Liberals' cuts to students with disability will mean better training and development for teachers and more targeted support for students learning in the classroom

Only Labor will deliver  a better future for children with disability and their families.