Six months ago, when Labor announced a policy to cap student loans and crack down on unscrupulous colleges in the private education sector, the Turnbull Government was scathing.

Scott Morrison said it would “pull the rug out from under the private education industry”

[Press Conference, 6 May 2016]

Then Minister Scott Ryan called it a “classist policy” and “thought bubble” that “will lead to up-front fees for VET students”

[Media Release, 6 May 2016]

Education Minister Simon Birmingham has previously slammed Labor’s plans for price caps “when you set a price cap, everybody simply shifts to the price cap.”

 [Speech to the Senate – 2 December 2015]


“This hypocrisy reveals the complacency and inaction that gripped the Government as student loans and dodgy providers exploded under their watch,” Shadow Minister for TAFE and Vocational Education, Kate Ellis, said.

“In May the Liberals were falling over themselves to criticise Labor’s policies – now they want to take credit for them

“Over the last three years, the Liberals have changed minister five times and sat back while dodgy providers ripped off the taxpayer and took advantage of students.

“If they’d only done their job when they should have, we would have billions more to invest in public TAFE and apprenticeships – and it wouldn’t have been wasted on loans to dodgy private providers.”