The Liberals’ attempt to blame state governments for the backlog in child care quality ratings is a transparent distraction from their own failure to make sure services are rated on time.

After coming to Government, the Liberals blamed Labor and promised to deliver quality ratings on schedule.


“Well, we're getting involved, we're driving it harder, we're making sure that we get to the targets that we need to get, that we give parents and staff at centres the confidence that the system is working.  We're not going to let this drift. I know it's tough and I know everyone would say we need more resources.”


[Susan Ley, 12 March 2014]

Ms Ley said it was another example of Labor “over-promising and under-delivering”.

“The result - states and territories are struggling with massive backlogs forcing child care services to wait up to a year for approval. It’s meant to take 90 days maximum.

[Susan Ley, 19 April 2014]


Fast forward to today and it’s a very different story.


“Two and a half years ago the Liberals thought this was their responsibility – now they’ve given up and decided it’s easier to just blame the states,” Kate Ellis, Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education and Development, said.


“This is too important to be caught up in cynical and sad blame games. Malcolm Turnbull needs to urgently take responsibility for properly resourcing child care quality assessments so parents have peace of mind.


“Attempts to blame the states are see-through, hollow and lazy. It’s time they took their own advice and put in the resources needed to get the job done.”