Dysfunction continues to define the Abbott Government’s approach to child care, with its mini-Budget revealing a $2.4 billion blow out in the cost of child care support, as well as faster fee rises for Australian families.

Tony Abbott’s mini-Budget has confirmed “higher than expected fees” for child care (MYEFO p21).

This compounds the $1 billion cut in child care support already announced by Tony Abbott and makes a mockery of his pre-election promises to make child care more affordable:

“We will make child care more accessible and affordable for Australian Parents”  Tony Abbott and Sussan Ley - 19 November 2012

“I am determined to help make child care more accessible and affordable for parents”  Tony Abbott - 2 August 2013

"Our approach will ease the financial burden placed on child care centres and families, without compromising the standard of care that must be provided"  The Coalition’s Policy for Better Child Care and Early Learning - September 2013


“All Tony Abbott has done is announce over one billion dollars in cuts to support for Australian families and drive up the cost of care,” Shadow Early Childhood Minister, Kate Ellis, said.

“They talk big, but all they deliver are cuts and fee hikes.”  

Its mini-Budget also reveals the Abbott Government has banked $230 million in Child Care Benefit cuts, which have not passed the Parliament.

“If Tony Abbott wanted to be taken seriously on child care affordability, the first thing he would do is withdraw the cuts still before the Parliament,” Kate Ellis said.

It’s also time the Government released the Productivity Commission’s Final Report on Child Care and Early Childhood Learning.

“The stakes are too high for them to keep the Productivity Commission report secret any longer,” Kate Ellis said.

“Australian families deserve a real debate on child care, not to be held ransom by the Abbott Government’s policy confusion.”

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