A new report today shows further evidence of the damage to Australian jobs inflicted by the Turnbull Government’s cuts to TAFE and vocational education.

The Mitchell Institute’s Expenditure on Education and Training in Australia reveals both public funding and enrolments in TAFE and vocational education are now lower than they were a decade ago.


The report also warned that a further $500 million in cuts to TAFE and vocational education are set to kick-in from mid next year because Malcolm Turnbull has neglected the national partnership on skills.


Last year we saw VET numbers dive to below where they were ten years ago, and there are no signs of this improving – in fact, it will probably get worse.


“This is deeply concerning because many jobs in growing markets like aged care and early childhood education need workers with vocational skills.”


[Megan O’Connell, Mitchell Institute, 14 December 2016]


“This is a damning indictment on the Turnbull Government and its failure to invest in Australian jobs and training,” Kate Ellis, Shadow Minister for TAFE and Vocational Education, said.


“These cuts have serious consequences for jobs and our economy – but the only job Malcom Turnbull remains fixated on is his own.


“Australians will pay the price for Mr Turnbull’s neglect through unemployment and skills shortages.


“No wonder employers are being forced to look elsewhere for workers, such as through 457 visas - many Australians aren’t being taught the skills they need to get a job.


“The Government’s changes to the VET loans scheme will do nothing to reverse the long-term decline in TAFE and VET.


“Genuine reform and investment is urgently needed – our living standards depend on it.”