The release of a new report from the Grattan Institute is yet more evidence of the urgent need to close the persistent gaps in student achievement, and a warning of what is on the line if Malcolm Turnbull fails to drop his education cuts in the Budget.

The report found a stark gap between advantaged and disadvantaged schools, and found that students from disadvantaged backgrounds continue to fall behind with each year of schooling.


These equity gaps are the reason that Labor introduced the Gonski needs-based funding reforms, reforms that are teachers, principals and parents testify are already making a difference in our classrooms.


Labor’s Your Child. Our future is a permanent change and a positive plan to make sure every child in every school has equal opportunity – delivering the Gonski reforms on time and in full, and reversing Malcolm Turnbull’s $30 billion school cuts over the next decade.


“This report tells an all-too-familiar story of widening gaps in achievement in our schools, and reinforces the need to ensure our schools are equipped with the resources they need to make a difference in classrooms,” Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis said today.


“Only last week, Bill Shorten announced that Labor’s Your Child. Our Future would expect additional investment in education is put towards targeted teaching – one of the key recommendations of the Grattan Institute’s report.


“Extra investment in schools is simply about making sure that our schools have the resources they need, that teachers have the support they need, and that students aren’t left behind.


“Closing the inequality gap won’t happen if we don’t resource our schools properly and target that investment to the programs that get results.


“Investing in education is actually investing in the future of Australia’s economy. The Government are so determined to justify their cuts to education that they are putting the future prosperity of our schools at risk – if Australia is to build a world-class education system, we can’t afford Malcolm Turnbull’s $30 billion cuts to education.”