Reports today of inequality in school funding prior to the introduction of the Gonski model highlights the damage that will be caused by the Abbott Government’s decision to cut $30 billion from schools. 

Before Labor’s needs-based schools funding reforms, federal funding for schools was increasing through the front door, but some states were ripping it straight out the back door.

Labor’s reforms put in place a roadmap to make sure state and federal governments worked together to increase funding and ensure schools had the resources to deliver a great education for all students – no matter the school, no matter the sector, no matter the state.

Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis, said that through their cuts to education, Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne have locked-in mediocrity, inequality, and an uncertain future for Australian students. 

“The old school funding system was broken - the Federal Government was increasing funding while some states were cutting,” she said.

“The Abbott Government is walking away from Labor’s reforms just when they are needed most.

“Parents deserve to know their child will receive a great education no matter which school they attend, but under this Government this just isn’t the case. Tony Abbott has no vision for our education system, only a plan for cuts.

“In contrast to the Abbott Government, Labor is committed to the Gonski principles and to sector-blind, needs-based school funding.

“Labor doesn’t want to see a return to the divisive debates of the past – pitting sector against sector, school against school and parent against parent.”