The importance of properly investing in our schools and reversing Malcolm Turnbull’s $30 billion cuts to education has been highlighted by the release of new NAPLAN data, which shows that additional needs-based funding is making a difference to schools right around the country.

At the same time, the Victorian Government has released new data showing that every Victorian school will be worse off under this Government’s cuts – with some schools standing to lose up to $4.6 million a year.


These two sets of data paint a clear picture of what can be achieved when students are supported with targeted, needs-based funding – and what is on the line as a result of Malcolm Turnbull’s school funding cuts.


“Needs-based funding is already making a clear difference in our classrooms. Teachers, principals and the community are all telling us about the importance of finishing the six-year funding agreements, but this Government simply isn’t listening,” Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis said today.


“Disadvantaged schools are making significant progress in literacy and numeracy results, and they shouldn’t have to fight for this support to continue.

“The release of new data from the Victorian Government shows that the students and schools which need the most help will be the hardest hit under Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts. This shows just how short-sighted and nonsensical the Liberals’ approach to education really is.”

Labor’s Your Child, Our Future plan will reverse the Government’s cuts to education and finish the six-year school funding agreements, ensuring that every child in every school has the targeted support they need to achieve their best.


Only Labor is committed to investing in education. Only Labor has a plan to improve our schools. Only Labor will deliver the support and resources our students need to prepare them for the future.