Scott Morrison’s feigned concerns about the cost of living and housing affordability are in direct contrast to his actions.

Today, Scott Morrison said:

"The pressures of cost of living and renting and buying a house are much bigger than they were a generation ago." [The Sunday Telegraph, 6 September 2015]

But what Scott Morrison is doing is making it harder for families. 

He is cutting $8.5 billion from family payments, leaving a single income family on $65,000 a year up to $6,000 a year worse off.

He is cutting Paid Parental Leave, making it harder for mums to spend precious time with their newborns and keep up with the cost of living – leaving some new parents up to $11,500 worse off.

Under his Government, cost of living is increasing and more Australians are unemployed than at any time in over 20 years.

Scott Morrison is also refusing to release details of who will be worse off under his child care changes, despite independent analysis finding one in four families will be worse off by over $1,880 a year on average.

Families are doing it tough, and this Government is making it tougher.

If Scott Morrison really cared about families he would drop his unfair cuts to family payments, drop his cuts to Paid Parental Leave and release the detail on how families will really be impacted by his child care changes.