In another broken promise for families, almost one year after the Government announced their nannies pilot, they are unable to say how many nannies are working under the scheme.

The Liberals made clear promises to families and targeted shift-workers, but then slugged families with fees of around $40 per hour to access the pilot. Families are dropping out in droves because they simply can't afford the out-of-pocket costs.


"This is nothing but a cruel promise to hard working families – to pretend to offer help and get their hopes up, then make it so expensive that families simply can’t afford it," Shadow Minister for Early Education Kate Ellis said today.


"The out of pocket costs for families under Malcolm Turnbull’s nanny pilot are simply out of reach for working families.


"How can Malcolm Turnbull think the average nurse, police officer or firefighter can afford such a massive hit to their family budget?


"The reality is that this Government hasn’t done a single thing to help families access affordable child care.


"This nannies pilot is just another example of how out of touch Malcolm Turnbull really is.”