4 April 2014 A Northern Territory Government official has admitted today that there is no guarantee federal school funding is being spent on education at all.

A Senate Select Committee on School Funding has heard startling evidence that the Northern Territory Government cannot say how much Commonwealth money will reach schools this year, or if any additional funds will flow to schools in the future. Senator Urquhart: You can't sit here and say today that every dollar of that fed money will go to schools? Mr Davies (Northern Territory Education Department): The way resources are allocated is a Northern Territory Government Cabinet decision, and that's where my responses stand (sic). "Adam Giles is trying to keep the truth about school cuts secret," Kate Ellis, Shadow Education Minister, said. "There is absolutely no evidence that any additional federal school funding is reaching Territory classrooms." "This revelation is yet another blow to Northern Territory school communities, who are still reeling from deep cuts this year". Over 180 teachers have been sacked, according to recent reports. "Syphoning off education money and cutting school budgets would not have been possible under Labor's Gonski plan," Kate Ellis said. "Tony Abbott has changed the rules to allow Adam Giles to make cuts and divert funding from the students who need it most." "At the same time as the Treasurer is warning of a horror budget - the Government is writing blank cheques. It's deeply irresponsible". It's been revealed that Western Australia is using Tony Abbott's 'no-stings' school funding deals to rip $183 million from schools this year alone, more than the additional $120 million in federal funding over the next four years. There is no doubt the Northern Territory is doing exactly the same thing. "Adam Giles has been caught-out again. The game is up, and he needs to reveal where the money is going," Kate Ellis said.