South Australian Labor Members and Senators will fight to restore the health of the River Murray and oppose plans by Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce to wreck the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Before the election the Liberals promised South Australians that there was bipartisan agreement to ensure that we returned the water that's needed to the River Murray.


Now, because Malcolm Turnbull is too weak to stand up for the Murray and stand up for the environment, he’s allowing Barnaby Joyce to do what he has always wanted to do - return less water to the river.


Four years to the day after it was established, the Murray-Darling Basin Plan is now in a state of crisis due to fractures and divisions within the Government.


This was put in writing by Barnaby Joyce last week, where he put in writing that he had no intention of delivering the additional 450 gigalitres that are required to restore the river system to health.


South Australians will never forget what Barnaby Joyce told us some years ago – that we should move to where the water is.


It is now long past for Malcolm Turnbull and the South Australian Liberals to stand up to Barnaby Joyce and deliver on what they promised the people of South Australia - to deliver on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in full and on time, and deliver the water they promised to restore the health of the River Murray.