Despite the Minister’s grandstanding in Parliament today – where he claimed New South Wales had signed up to the Abbott Government’s Independent Public Schools program – not a single Independent Public School will be created in New South Wales.

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has been shown up by his New South Wales Coalition colleague, who has revealed that of the schools to receive money from the Independent Public Schools fund:

“None of them will become ‘independent public schools'” (Adrian Piccoli, New South Wales Minister for Education, 10 February 2015)


New South Wales has become the latest state or territory to accept the Minister’s money but reject his ideology; joining Victoria, South Australia, the ACT and Tasmania.

“Christopher Pyne’s election promise to make a quarter of Australian public schools ‘independent’ by 2017 is in absolute tatters,” Kate Ellis, Shadow Minister for Education, said.

“He has handed over money, but he hasn’t delivered on his promise.”

What states and territories are interested in pursuing is enhanced local decision making, autonomy and educational leadership in schools, which is backed by evidence and was a key plank of Labor’s Gonski reforms.

“The Abbott Government’s Independent Public Schools program was never about improving education, but about a flawed ideology,” Kate Ellis said.

“It’s another embarrassing failure for the Minister, and one he simply can’t admit.”