Barnaby  Joyce’s twisted priorities have been confirmed as he publicly attacks a $2 million a year Safe Schools program – while remaining silent about the Government’s $30 billion school cuts.

Before the election, Barnaby Joyce clearly said:


“I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, we will continue to commit to Gonski past the first term.” (Northern Daily Leader 5/9/13)


Yet he has been completely silent about the Government’s cuts to education which will rip $215 million from his electorate over the next ten years.


Regional and rural students will be hit hardest by Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts –  regional students lag behind their city peers by almost a year, and remote students are almost two years behind.


Even Barnaby’s Nationals colleagues have rallied against the cuts:


“Why was I the strongest advocate across all education ministers? I think it’s because I’m the only National Party minister. Our electorates benefit the most.” [Adrian Piccoli – The Australian – 14 June 2014]


Barnaby Joyce has done absolutely nothing to stand up against the $215 million school cuts to his electorate.


If he were serious about regional and remote education, he would grow a backbone and stand up to his colleagues about the school cuts.


If only the Liberals put their outrage and energy towards the cuts which will have a savage impact on every child in every school in the country.