Reports today confirm that Mike Baird is prepared to sell out New South Wales students simply to get Malcolm Turnbull past the election.

Only two days ago, the NSW Education Minister said:


“We've signed a six-year deal with the Commonwealth… I continue to lobby the Commonwealth, the Coalition, to fund (Gonski) and commit to that six years.”



However the funding proposal reportedly prepared for next week’s COAG tells a different story – a compromised back-room deal put forward by NSW just to help Malcolm Turnbull.


“Mike Baird is putting the interests of Malcolm Turnbull ahead of the interests of NSW students,” Shadow Minister for Education, Kate Ellis said today.


“The NSW Liberals say one thing publically, but behind the scenes they are working with their political mate Malcolm Turnbull to cut school funding.


“After claiming time and time again that they supported the Gonski reforms and would fight against the Liberals’ savage cuts, this is nothing more than an appalling backflip.


“School funding is too important to come down to last minute deals between Liberal mates.


“Malcolm Turnbull will go to the election with whatever policy he thinks will get him over the line, not the policy Australian students need for their future.


“Labor will deliver the Gonski reforms – on-time and in-full – and fully reverse the Government’s cuts to education over the next 10 years.


“Students can’t wait any longer. This is too important to simply kick down the road because the Liberals won’t get their priorities right. Mike Baird either supports our schools, or he doesn’t.”