Kate Ellis takes a stand against Tony Abbott's cuts to the ABC

Despite promising no cuts to the ABC , Tony Abbott has ripped funding from our national broadcaster. With Malcolm Turnbull warning these cuts are "just a down payment", now is the time to fight for the future of our ABC!

Kate Ellis smashes Abbott's unfair attack on universities

Despite promising no cuts to education, Tony Abbott plans to strip record funding from universities and massively increase student fees. Under Abbott, too many Australians will be locked out of university.


Kate Ellis fights for South Australian Jobs

Ms KATE ELLIS (Adelaide) (19:56): I rise to speak against the Automotive Transformation Scheme Amendment Bill 2014, because this is a bill that spells disaster for the 200,000 Australian men and women who rely directly and indirectly on the automotive manufacturing industry for their jobs.

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Over 25,000 Australians demand the Abbott Government scraps its plans to cut the means-tested Child Care Benefit

Kate Ellis MP presents the signatures of over 25,000 Australians who have demanded the Abbott Government drop its legislation before the Parliament which has the sole purpose of cutting the means-tested Child Care Benefit families rely on. This cut will leave 500,000 families worse off.

Kate Ellis slams spineless SA Libs for their deception on submarine jobs

Despite iron-clad promises before the election about the future of the submarine industry in Adelaide, Tony Abbott and his weak South Australian colleagues are looking to cut thousands of local jobs and shut down the submarine industry.