National Public Education Day is a timely reminder of the importance of our public education system to Australia’s economic and social future.

Every Australian child deserves to be able to get a great education at their local public school.

Educational opportunity should not be determined by the lottery of life – it must be universal. Australia’s public education system is absolutely vital to this.

Labor has committed to funding the Gonski reforms on-time and in-full because we know that the persistent achievement and equity gaps in our schools must be addressed.

Labor’s positive plan for schools will ensure that school funding is determined by need, and every student in every school has the resources they need.

In contrast, Malcolm Turnbull has done nothing but undermine Australia’s public education system.

He has trashed the Gonski reforms and signalled he wants to walk away from responsibility for funding public schools altogether.

Under Malcolm Turnbull, the students who need the most help will be the hardest hit.

There is no better expression of Labor values than our commitment to building our public education system.

Only Labor can be trusted to deliver the public education system that our nation, and our students need.