New concerns have been raised today about Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to make future TAFE and apprenticeship funding conditional on visa fees from importing more foreign workers.

This comes on top of the $637 million cut to TAFE and apprenticeships revealed in the budget.

“Making future training conditional on importing more foreign workers is another example of Malcolm Turnbull putting Australians last,” Shadow Minister for TAFE and Vocational Education, Kate Ellis, said.

“It’s a mad catch 22 that will either mean not enough jobs and apprenticeships for locals or even more cuts to TAFE.

“Malcolm Turnbull should undo his cuts and stop holding TAFE and apprentices to ransom.

“TAFE students and apprentices need real job opportunities, not uncertainty about whether training programs will be funded or how many foreign workers they will have to compete with.

“Labor will reverse Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts and will guarantee funding for TAFE and apprenticeships – without holding students ransom to more foreign worker imports”