Reports today of further significant increases in child care costs are another warning to Malcolm Turnbull that he should stop playing political games with child care assistance.

Despite funding for the Government’s child care changes being contained in two consecutive budgets, Malcolm Turnbull is continuing to hold assistance ransom to unfair and unrelated cuts.

“Labor has made clear to the government that we will pass their child care changes tomorrow if they drop their cruel cuts and fix the flaws. They continue to play games instead,” Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education and Development, Kate Ellis, said.

“It's time Malcolm Turnbull stopped holding child care assistance hostage to pension cuts, cuts to new mums, cuts to 1.6 million families and cuts to young Australians.

“Robbing Peter to pay Paul will only leave many Aussie families worse off. 

“It’s also time Malcolm Turnbull listened to the experts and fixed the flaws in his child care package which will leave one in three families worse off, cut access for vulnerable children and leave Indigenous and country services facing closure.

“Malcolm Turnbull said he would make child care more affordable – but all he’s delivered is higher costs, more delays and more excuses.”