New evidence shows up to 90 per cent of mobile early education services in regional and remote areas will be closed under Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed child care changes.

This is a direct result of the government’s plan to force Budget Based Funded Indigenous and mobile services to “transition” to a one-size-fits-all system.

“The funding reform proposal will no doubt ensure the closure of up to 90% of the current BBF Mobile Childrens Services across rural and remote communities in Australia”


[Anne Bowler, National Association for Mobiles Services, 23 September 2016]

This comes on top of a Delloitte Access Economics report which found two thirds of Indigenous early childhood services – which are part of the same program – will have their funding cut by Malcolm Turnbull’s proposed changes.

“It’s not a transition, it’s a shut-down,” Kate Ellis, Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education and Development, said.

“Labor is demanding Malcolm Turnbull abandon his flawed ‘transition’ plan altogether and guarantee ongoing funding.

“Without these services many country children will miss out on early education entirely – so will many Indigenous children.

“This will drag Australia backward at time when all the data shows Indigenous and country children are already missing out on early education.

“In their current form, the Liberals’ child care changes will leave one in three families worse off, and push many vulnerable and disadvantaged children out of the system altogether.

“Malcolm Turnbull keeps stuffing everything up. He wants to spend $3 billion of taxpayers money to make hundreds of thousands of families worse off.”

Labor is demanding Malcom Turnbull fix his proposed changes so children are not pushed out of early education.