Budget cuts; Abbott Government’s unfair Higher Education legislation; Surrogacy; ABS; Iraq

TANYA PLIBERSEK, DEPUTY LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION: Good morning. Thanks for coming out this morning. It’s a great pleasure to be here with my fellow colleague Kate Ellis at the University of Adelaide Medical School talking to some noisy medical students. You need to settle down, fellas.

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Death of Bob Such; The Abbott Government’s $80 billion cut to schools and hospitals; National Curriculum


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Abbott Government’s cuts to Indigenous Children and Family Centres


SHAYNE NEUMANN, SHADOW MINISTER FOR INDIGENOUS AFFAIRS: There are 38 Child and Family Centres around this country at critical risk of closure because the Abbott Government’s abandoned them. Not content with cutting $534.4 million in the Budget, in the Indigenous Affairs portfolio, what they’ve done is let the National Partnership Agreement on Indigenous Early Childhood Development expire on the 30th of June this year and not engage with the states and territories and continue the funding for these important centres.

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Restricting the School Chaplaincy Program; The Government’s unfair Higher Education legislation


KATE ELLIS, SHADOW MINISTER FOR EDUCATION: Yesterday Tony Abbott made incredibly clear that he is going to stubbornly insist that only religious chaplains can operate in schools across Australia. Today we see that there are 452 school communities who currently have a welfare officer or counsellor who will be sacked under the guidelines that Minister Pyne is insisting upon.

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Impact of Abbott Government’s refusal to guarantee certainty for preschool funding; Tony Abbott’s unfair PPL scheme; ICAC; GP Tax; ASADA.


KATE ELLIS, SHADOW MINISTER FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD: Well it’s fantastic to be here at this very high quality early childhood education centre, Marrickville SDM. And it’s great to be joined by my colleagues in Linda Burney, the State Shadow Minister with responsibility for early childhood and child care, and of course the Member for Grayndler, Anthony Albanese, a very passionate local member here, as well as the Mayor of Marrickville in Jo Haylen.

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Tony Abbott’s lies; Higher Education; The Senate.


SHADOW MINISTER FOR FINANCE AND MANAGER OF OPPOSITION BUSINESS TONY BURKE: It’s great to be here today in Adelaide with Kate Ellis. Every day for a period of 31 days we’re going through the lies that Tony Abbott told during the election campaign. On this day exactly 12 months ago, Tony Abbott said: “It has always been my position that if you go to an election saying something, you should keep that commitment at least for the term of the subsequent parliament.” This one actually brings together almost every lie that we had from Tony Abbott during the election campaign. Today here at a University, we’re able to look at exactly what "no cuts to education" ended up meaning. Not only are we seeing the impact the cuts will have on universities and on schools, but also the the impact for individual students with the changes to indexation and the massive hikes in individual feed. I’ll hand over to Kate Ellis.

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Impact of Abbott Government’s refusal to guarantee certainty for kindergarten funding


KATE ELLIS: Well it’s fantastic to be here in Western Australia and to be joining Sue Ellery, of course the Shadow Education Minister here. We know that right across Western Australia every kindergarten is gripped by uncertainty because the Abbott Government refuses to confirm ongoing funding.

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Cuts to Trade Training Centres in Western Australia; 1 year anniversary of Abbott’s lie on education; Abbott Government’s cuts to education; Surrogate baby Gammy case


KATE ELLIS, SHADOW MINISTER FOR EDUCATION: It’s fantastic to be here at Darling Range Sports College with Alannah MacTiernan, the Federal Member for Perth, the Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Western Australia, and a champion for both young Australians and for this State. We stand here today at this college because we know that 173 Western Australian schools have now been identified as eligible for Trade Training Centres yet are never, ever likely to receive one as a result of the Abbott Government’s budget cuts.

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Impact of Abbott Government’s $30 billion cuts to schools on North Queensland.


KATE ELLIS, SHADOW MINISTER FOR EDUCATION: We know that schools across North Queensland are already being hit hard by the Abbott Government’s Budget cuts, but unfortunately new analysis shows that the worst is yet to come.


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Queensland impact of Abbott Government’s $30 billion cuts to schools


KATE ELLIS, SHADOW MINISTER FOR EDUCATION: It is great to join Yvette Dath, the Queensland Shadow Minister for Education and Member for Redcliffe and be out here at Kelvin Grove State College. We’re here in Queensland today because we see that new analysis of the Government’s own figures show just how hard Queensland schools will be hit by the Federal Government’s cuts.

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