Reports today show parents face a chronic shortage in child care places despite the Liberals' promise to make the system more affordable and accessible.

The Government’s own figures show 300,000 more children will enter the child care system by 2020. This is equivalent to 1600 new long day care centres, with a significant increase in Outside School Hours Care services also needed to accommodate demand.


“Despite knowing about this looming crisis, Malcolm Turnbull has no plans to help families struggling with chronic waiting lists,” Shadow Minister for Early Childhood Education and Development, Kate Ellis, said.


“If parents can’t get a child care place, they can’t return to work. This holds back our struggling economy and hurts family budgets - it’s that simple.


“The Government’s proposed child care changes will do nothing to address waiting lists, if the changes ever happen at all.


"Despite promising more affordable and accessible child care at two elections, the best they can do is to blame Labor for the Liberal Government’s own failure and delays. 


“Malcolm Turnbull needs to deliver the affordable child care he has been promising for years, not holding Australian families to ransom over his failed budget measures.”