The Turnbull Liberals have today confirmed they will yet again break their promises to students with disability by failing to properly implement Gonski disability funding in our schools from next year.

Before the election the Liberals promised to fully implement the loading from 2015:

“If elected to Government the Coalition will continue the data collection work that has commenced, which will be used to deliver more funding for people with disability through the ‘disability loading’ in 2015”

[Christopher Pyne, 23 August 2013].

Then they promised it would be in place from 2016:

“The refined loading is on track to be introduced in 2016, as planned.”

[Simon Birmingham, 24 March 2015]

Now they have admitted nothing will happen in 2016 and they have delayed support for students with disability indefinitely.

This is just the latest in a long string of broken promises and cuts for students with disability.

The Government’s failure to fully implement the loading means tens of thousands of students are simply missing out on the support they need to achieve their best.

It comes after the Government last year cut the More Support for Students with Disabilities program, which was providing $100 million a year in interim support until the Gonski disability loading was finalised.

The Liberals went to the last election promising to deliver the full Gonski disability loading by 2015 – now they have confirmed they will go a whole term of government without doing anything at all.

This latest delay means a student who was in Grade One when the national data collection process started will finish primary school without seeing any change.

Students with disability and their parents simply can’t wait any longer – Malcolm Turnbull needs to keep the Government’s promises now.

Australia can – and must – do better. Every student deserves to be recognised as a learner and properly supported to achieve their best.