With politicians already delivering their valedictory speeches, the Government has put their own child care changes on the backburner.

The Liberals will go to the election having done absolutely nothing to help families with accessible and affordable child care – they haven’t and won’t even bring their own legislation up for debate.


With the Senate Inquiry now delayed, it’s clear that time is running out for the changes to be implemented at all.


Only yesterday, the Education Minister conceded that there was no chance the Government would be changing its position on the activity test – despite serious concerns that the test is confusing and will negatively impact disadvantaged children.


“It’s quickly approaching the one-year anniversary of the so-called Jobs for Families package, and there are still basic questions which remain unanswered about this legislation,” Shadow Minister for Early Childhood, Kate Ellis said today.


“The Liberals only ever wanted child care changes to help their own political fortunes, rather than to help Australian families.


“The child care announcement was nothing more than a farce that looks like it won’t even pass this side of the election, let alone be in place for a mid-2017 start date.


“If they really believed that their changes would help families then they would have done everything to get them through the Parliament as soon as possible. Instead, they have kicked the can down the road again and again.


“Malcolm Turnbull will go to the election having done absolutely nothing to help families access affordable, quality child care.


“He will now also go to the election with a shell of a policy which even his Government appears to given up on.”