Under Tony Abbott, the Liberals put forward a raft of terrible options for cutting Australian schools.

Today Malcolm Turnbull has revived the worst of those plans. 


Malcolm Turnbull needs to immediately rule out walking away from Federal involvement in schools. 


Transferring all policy and funding responsibility for government and non government schools to the States was a signature idea of Tony Abbott's Commission of Audit razor gang, and was laughed at.


It was the most drastic idea of the Liberals leaked Federation White Paper, and was completely ruled out. 

Today, Malcolm Turnbull has put it squarely back on the table.

A strong education system is at the heart of Australia's future as a nation.  The Commonwealth Government's involvement in education is critical.


Malcolm Turnbull's plan to wash his hands of any responsibility for schools would be a disastrous step backwards.


At the moment gaps in educational achievement across state and territory borders are the equivalent of as much as two and a half years. Turnbull's plan would merely exacerbate this divide.


Malcolm Turnbull needs to immediately rule out walking away from our schools. His $30 billion cuts to education are bad enough, how much more does he think Australian schools can take?


Every student in every school deserves the same opportunities - no matter what state they live in. Only Labor has a plan to ensure this.